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Online Catalogue Order Process Guide: 2. How about the MOQ? (1) All of the items in our catalogue are stock ready, or already massive production from the factory suppliers. For stock available products, MOQ only from 10-20 pieces per design per color, can be mixed sizes. (2) Before you place order, we will check with factory to ensure stock ready or not. If no stock, then can ask the manufacture to produce again, in such case, the MQO shall be around 50 - 100 piece per color per design, as the fabrics MOQ is based on one roll. (3) No problem for us to change your own brand logo/tags/labels, only the MOQ to be 50-100 pieces as a new producing orders. Please understand, there shall be a little surcharge for the labels material and extra labor cost. Generally around 2rmb per piece. (4) We accept OEM or customized making orders, which means we can produce according to your own designs, brand logo in personalized printing, embroidery, or dyeing the fabrics material. The MOQ shall be 100-200-300 pieces per color per design, and you can mixed sizes too. For such orders, we need make sample first, there shall be sample cost, which will refund you after you confirm the bulk orders.
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